Q: What is Vylio?

A: Vylio is a web service that tracking decices and IoT devices talk to, updating their location in real time. As a user, you log in and see your devices that you have added to Vylio. You can view the devices location in real time, run reports and view the device’s previous activity on the map.  Different devices have different capabilities.  Vylio supports a range of devices.

Q: What else will I need (i.e. supported devices)?

A: You will need a supported IoT or tracking device, please see this list for the range of supported devices. Vylio supports a range of personal, portable, asset, vehicle, fleet, and mobile app devices.

Q: How long will it be free?

A: Forever, the free tier of Vylio will always remain free, paid plans supporting more devices, more features and commercial needs are also available.

Q: How do I get help using this product?

A:  Support requests can be made within the Vylio web application to our support team.