More improvements and support for TRACKbox devices

A small update for Vylio, with a focus again on features and support for TRACKbox devices.

  • Optimisation for TRACKbox intergration.

  • Fix for total mileage for a TRACKbox device for a days activity.

  • Fix for mains power display for a TRACKbox device.

  • GSM Signal level is now available for TRACKbox devices.

  • Fix for upgrading plans where some accounts were not able to upgrade their plan through self management.

  • Updates to the website.

  • New maintenance system to reduce maintenance window for deployments.

  • Login and signup forms use the new maintenance system to check in maintenance is underway and provide feedback for a better experience.  Can be used for third party integrations, and mobile apps as well.

  • Small updates to locales.

Jeremy Mclean